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OOTS wins NEWi Award for Best Digital Agency!

Receivers of the humble silver thong

OOTS Media has picked up the 2017 NEWi award for Best Digital Agency.

I was on holiday in Japan during the event run by Lunaticks Society, so missed out on being there during the acceptance speech. I discovered news of the win the traditional way - via celebratory group text message.

I had the pleasure of contributing to OOTS Media’s digital success in 2017, through my work on many interactive and engaging rich media campaigns. Some of my favourite work to date has been the production of display ads for Google DoubleClick. We have experimented with gamifaction, the integration of geolocation, maps, video and external API’s - and complex animations.

We’re still rolling out new creatives in 2018 but to see them you’ll have to go to Greater’s website, and get yourself remarketed to ;)

Holding the NEWi award